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"We benefit from the versatility, range and accuracy of the Creaform HandyProbe Next and MetraSCAN. Automated routines in VX Inspect have significantly reduced inspection times on complex castings. We are pleased with the returns from this investment in new measuring equipment."

Eskom Rotek

"Since 2012 Eskom Rotek Industries have been using photogrammetry and 3D scanning very effectively to solve complex problems at various power stations for Eskom.
Although very accurate, taking measurements with both the 3D scanner and photogrammetry systems requires considerable set up time which requires that maintenance work to be stopped to allow measurements to be taken.

The Creaform GoSCAN! Handheld White Light Scanner is very portable and requires little to no preparation.

In critical cases where little time available or when a job cannot be stopped, the GoSCAN! allows our engineering department to provide an answer within minutes.

The system was purchased through HMR High Tech Machine Tools (PTY) Ltd who provides excellent after sales service."

Green Engineering

"We have found the speed and flexibility of the Creaform scanner and HandyProbe a perfect solution for our requirements where a fixed or portable CMM is not practical.

In the future we think 3D scanning technology in the automotive industry is a must to have. It's very easy, very simple, very good to work the proccess stabilityis there. In one word, I love it! I hope for other Creaform systems in our company for new projects."

Prima Industrial

"Our Creaform HandyScan 3D Scanner has become a viral part of our business of casting steel wear part for mining and industry; from securing new business, to quality control and in-service wear life monitoring. It's easy to use and highly accurate and reliable, that's exactly what we need to keep exceeding our customers expectations."

M&F CNC and Design Projects

"We regard HMR as an excellent partner for Creaform Products. We ordered the scanner with no problems, and we got a nice discount as well. The training went well, VX Model is an awesome product in that we can get as many entities to do reverse engineering. The scanner itself is of high precision, packaged professionally and delivers high performance scans in a small space of time.

We are incredibly happy with the product.

All the verbal and email communications to Rolf was related to us timeously, and all the questions were answered for us. We recommend HMR as a solid partner going forward, and we have had some very good responses from our customers.

We have started off very well, and once our Website is finalised, I will send you a link for your perusal. We at 3D Scan Designs are happy and look forward to upgrading to a better model in the future."

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